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Empowering Wellness with Essential Oils

September 18, 2015

What if there was something that you could do for yourself and for your family to help them be and stay healthy?

Right now is the prefect time to empower yourself with the information and the tools that you need to create long term wellness.

i am who i am today wellness

If you’ve been following my blog, watching my videos or spending time with me in person, it will become pretty clear that I’m passionate about a few things!

  • Helping women feel empowered – through their birth journey and as mothers.
  • That emotional wellbeing is just as important as physical wellbeing
  • That both the body and mind have amazing self-healing ability when provided with the right tools and the right environment.
  • Wellbeing can be simple! Through small daily actions.


My own journey through pregnancy and birth showed me that having the right tools (hypnobirthing techniques & support) combined with good information had hugely positive effect on that experience.

When my daughter was a baby I begin looking for closely at our cleaning products.   Everyone kept offering suggestions on how to lock up this stuff so she wouldn’t accidentally poison herself. But it made me question for the first time, what was really in those products, and did I really want them in my home at all?

That was a start of a journey that led to a much healthier home environment one small change at a time. When I started making my own clearing products, I started adding lavender and tea tree oils into them for their beautiful smell, but also for their powerful effect on germs.

And that was that. For 7 years that I all I did with my lovely essential oils. I cleaned with them! (By the way, my homemade cleaners are the BOMB – more posts on that to come – be sure to subscribe so you get them straight to your inbox, the subscribe is at the top right of the page)

When my friend invited me to learn about how essential oils could help my health, I was curious! I knew they were great for cleaning, but health?

What I learned that class made me feel so hopeful and excited about the possibility of being able to handle some many of issues that come up in my family and any family really… skin rashes, colds, tummy aches, headaches, and the list goes on…

So supplied with the right tools and the information that I needed I began using the oils with my family. Our results made me SO excited. Things that in the past, we just suffered through, we now had natural solutions at our fingers tips. Stuff that actually worked.

natural solutions

I felt like I had found the holy grail! But seriously I felt so empowered in my family’s healthcare!

The next thing I knew, I was telling all the other mamas I knew about it. I wanted them to have the same experience!   I wanted to provide them to the same simple, safe and empowering solutions for their own families.

Marie Invite 2

And because I’m a born teacher at heart, I started teaching classes about it. At my classes, I discovered that people were looking for a community of liked minded mamas who would share the journey of clean living and natural solutions. Empowering Wellness Facebook group was born.

I ended up teaching so many class that our local TV station found out and invited to join the morning news.

Still today, I know people are searching for better ways, because when we consider the number of toxic chemicals in our bodies, our nutrient depleted food, our dependency of pharmaceuticals, it makes you wonder…

Healthcare question

Essential Oils

magnifiedEssential oils are natural aromatic compounds. Have you ever squeezed the peel of an orange, or rubbed pine needles between your finger tips to smell them? When you did this, you experienced the essential oil of that plant.

Essential oils are found on the leaves, stems, flowers, roots, bark, and other parts of the plant. They are extracted through steam distillation or cold pressing.

In addition to their intrinsic benefits to plants and being beautifully fragrant to people, essential oils have long been used for food preparation, beauty treatment, and personal health care practices.

Pounds of Lavender

Keep in mind that essential oils are highly concentrated. It can take literally tons of plant material to produce even a small amount of essential oil. Many times, the essential oil can be much more highly concentrated that a dried herb from the same plant.

One of the simplest ways to experience the power of essential oils is to simply inhale them.

Power of Aroma

Essential oil are not all created equal. You see there is no governing body that regulates purity or the potency claims that the many different essential oil companies make.


It’s important to use only pure therapeutic (meant for healing) grade essential oils that are sourced where they grow when they thrive abundantly (which generally means sourcing the oils from across the globe).

It’s equally important to chose a company that you can trust, that they doing the work of sourcing in an ecologically and ethically sound manner and creating the best of what our beautiful planet can provide.

Let me know at if you would information on the brand of oils that I use, love and trust completely!

Every day there is more and more scientific evidence that essentials oils have powerful positive effects on both our minds and our bodies.  In fact more that 5000 studies were published this year alone.   One of my favourite places to go is a website called   This is a database for all essential oil research.

Aromatic Essential Oil Research

The biggest challenge with embracing this new way of taking care of your family’s health, is knowing where to start.  That’s where I come in.

Email me today to book your complimentary wellness consultation, and let’s get on the path of health together.

It’s going to be a fantastic journey!



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