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Dream Birth

July 24, 2012

I love the title of this slideshow.  Dream is a great and powerful word.  It speaks to the stories that we tell ourselves, while we are asleep and while we are awake (daydreaming).  As my meditation teacher once explained to me – we are constant story tellers.  Every moment we are telling ourselves a story about what is happening, what has happened and what could happen to us and around us.  The events of our lives are rather objective… the story we tell ourselves about the event is completely subjective and greatly influences how we feel about that event.

So when you “dream birth” what is the story you tell yourself about that experience?  And are you consciously choosing that story?  Or are you letting your subconscious chose it for you?

The slide show that inspired this post comes from Helena of Perth Australia, a fellow HypnoBirthing practitioner and doula.

Over the past two year, Helena created this video using photos she took during many special beautiful emotional moments in couples’ & families’ lives.

Dream Birth



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