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Waste minimalization in Regina – have your say!

November 24, 2009

The environment. These days it seems like everywhere we turn we are
bombarded with reports and studies about the myriad of ways that we have
harmed our environment. The headlines are hard for any mum to ignore:
global warming, pesticides and factory farming, toxic chemicals in the
ocean, the list goes on.

For many of us, becoming parents means a considerable shift in the way
we view the world and the future. Suddenly the hazy idea that future
generations might be forced to bear the burden for our environmental
failures has a flesh and blood reality. And that reality is currently
wearing fuzzy pajamas and sleeping in the next room.

So we try to consider how we can minimize our environmental footprint.
Maybe that means carpooling with our mums, maybe that means buying
organic fruit, using natural cleaners or trying cloth diapers.

At its heart, I believe that sustainable living is not just about the
environment, but the interconnection of all life on this planet. In
taking care of where we live with strong environmental, economic and
cultural policies we can create the sort of communities that foster our
physical and emotional health and the health of our planet.

In Regina this week, we have the chance to do just that. The City of
Regina is holding open houses to discuss the waste plan for Regina. It
is a chance to talk about what we want in terms of garbage, recycling,
curbside composting, etc.

There are 3 upcoming, drop-in open houses and I strongly urge to attend
one of them:

Thursday, Nov. 26
Glencairn Neighbourhood Recreation Centre
2626 Dewdney Ave.
5:30 -8 pm

Wednesday, Dec. 2
Cathedral Neighourhood Centre
2900 13th Avenue
5:30 -8:00 pm

Wednesday, Dec. 9
North West Leisure Centre
1127 Arnason Street
5:30 -8:00 pm

For more information you can visit
And if you can’t make the public talks, take the time to make your voice heard by filling out the questionnaire at

Here’s to a healthy, joyous planet. Now there is a Christmas gift worth


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