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Good news for C-sections at the General Hospital !

November 23, 2008

I got a email from the manager of maternal services at the General. I’m sooo excited! No more separation for mom and baby at elective C-sections (if baby is doing fine, which they usually are). This is such wonderful news. It will be so much better for bonding. The first hour of a baby’s life is such an important time to bond with them, and now these babies will actually get to stay with their parents rather than be taken away. I’m hoping that they complete the change to all C-sections soon.

I actually cheered out loud when I read the email. My husband thought I was nuts. But I’m really happy about this. And for any of you who have an unplanned C-section, I bet you would be able to make a case for baby staying in the room as long as they are doing fine.

It’s funny I just asked my mom and baby yoga class when they felt they first fell into love with their baby. The consistent answer… when they got to hold them… so if they held them on their chest just after birth that when they felt it, but the c-section moms it was generally later because they didn’t get that physical contact right off the bat. Some not until days later when all the company left and they actually got to hold their baby, others when they slept with their baby nestled in beside them for the first time. I think this new policy will help more moms get to feel that blissful love right away. And that’s why I cheered.

Below is a copy of the message.

In an attempt to catch up with the rest of the world and
improve our approach to Family Centered Care in Elective C/S, we have
started keeping the baby in the OR with the mom & dad rather than
sending them immediately to the Newborn Nursery. The plan is that the
babe will stay in the OR only if stable, and if there is a support
person with the mom present (dad, partner, etc). They will be the
person who will be responsible for making sure the baby is doing okay.
They also will need to refrain from leaving the OR to make calls, have a
smoke, etc. We have a few growing pains that we are working through, but
as with everything else it will take time to perfect. Ultimately, this
process will progress to all C/S if the condition of the mom and babe

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  1. Linell permalink
    December 5, 2008 3:28 pm

    This is great! As a mom who had 2 unplanned C-Sections, it is wonderful! Carter is almost 1 and he did spent every minute with me, even in recovery! I even was able to have him in my room when he was jaundice and needed the lights! It made for some interesting sleeping, but I was greatful to be able to look in on hime whenever I felt like it and not have to walk down the hall! So things are progressing everyday at the RGH! Good news!

  2. Cheryl Lloyd permalink
    December 5, 2008 3:53 pm

    I’m happy that this has been addressed and is now an official procedure barring complications.
    We are moving along. The process may seem slow at times but having talked to other Practitioners and Doulas in the USA, it seems that Canada is moving ahead in some areas when it comes to the birthing process.
    That is something to be proud of.
    Cheryl Lloyd

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