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Hello world

May 16, 2008

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my blog!  Thank you for visiting.  I’m hoping that this will be a great place where we can share thoughts and ideas about pregnancy, birth and beyond.


If you are new to birth bliss, here are some things people are saying.

I entirely credit HypnoBirthing with how wonderful the last half of my pregnancy was.  It also showed me that I am in charge of my birth experience and allowed me to feel fully empowered during the birth.” ~Tiffany Wolf

“I am a very worrisome person and being pregnant gave me may reasons to worry.  Using the [relaxation] CDs during my quiet times allowed me to relax and focus on what was really important, my baby!” ~Melissa McCullough

“Prenatal yoga is wonderfully empowering activity – something I strongly recommend to all pregnant women” ~Tracey McMurchy

“Great stuff that you are doing around birth, you are really helping to weave a community birth tapestry in our city” ~Karen Harriot, doula

“HypnoBirthing was a great fit for our family.  My husband and I definately felt the exhileraton that comes with knowing that we made this miracle.  We worked so hard and accmplished exactly what we wnated together.” ~Tracey and Marc McLellan

“Thanks again for providing us expectant moms whith a class that alleviates the fear of childbirth.  That was my one major obstacle.  Now I feel confident, relaxed, prepared and excited to work with my baby and my body to have a birth we will both cherish.” ~Brandi Prpick

“I loved the HypnoBirthing aspect of bonding with baby.” ~Penny McCall

“We are grateful to Marie for the wonderful support that she gave us during our birth preparation.  Marie and the hypnobirthing course helped me to hae a beautiful natural birth.” ~Amy Walker

“We have been having some very positive experiences with patients using hypnobirthing” ~Glenys Weisshaar, Clinical Development Educator, Labor and Birth Unit, Regina General Hospital


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  1. May 23, 2008 2:26 pm

    I loved your comments about water in relation to HypnoBirthing. It’s an interesting connection, and very logical.

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